76-101 of 101 things about me

76. I say bless you after I hear anyone sneeze. I bless people I don’t even know. 
I have 15 piercings, 12 of which I pierced myself, I had my nose done twice (once which I did myself and now have scar tissue inside my nose) My favourite piercings are my Tongue Web, My Rook and my Forward Helix.  My sorest was without doubt my rook. It took almost five minutes to get the needle to pierce fully through my cartilage, NO JOKE! If I knew how sore it was going to be I wouldn’t have gotten it. Also, the rook is by far the longest healing piercing I’ve had. I still love it though:]
78. I have obsessions with certain things. Like stirring my tea over 50 times just to make sure the sugar is dissolved. Or keeping things like cups or glasses away from the edge all the time. Mainly things that can smash or contain liquids. Freaks the balls off me!
79. This is pretty obvious but I love all types of films in the horror genre.. I can’t choose a favourite but a recent goodie I enjoyed was Rob Zombies ‘House of a Thousand Corpses’.
80. Speaking on Horror, myself and my best friend used to take ‘dead pictures’ not so long ago when we were teenagers. They were always really fun and got a lot of attention-good and bad!
81. I’ve always wanted to be a pathologist. Or a special effects make up artist specialising in prosthetics, I’d love to work on horror film sets!
82. If you hadn’t noticed, I have a bit of a morbid personality and love all things dark and gory. :)
83. My favourite hot drink is a large Mocha, from Nosh and Coffee in Cork City. GOD its delicious. Then regular coffee, hot chocolate and herbal tea.
84. I would love to live in a creepy old haunted looking house. I’ve seen my perfect house already. It’s a tie between a beautifully designed Spanish house in Madrid or the creepy looking beautiful house I always look out for on the way to Cobh. Shane will know what house I’m on about:]
85. I can’t drink fizzy drinks like coke or energy drinks. It makes me sick thanks to an experience involving the hospital when I was younger. I can however drink the latter once they are flat or ‘fizzed out’ but I don’t really do this often. I don’t drink energy drinks ever anyway, unless vodka and ice are in tow with it.
86. Used to be one of my favourite numbers, thanks to the old Green Day song when I was a youngen obsessing over the band. My real favourite number is 4.
87. My favourite colour is green. Not lime green but more a murky foresty green. And Turquoise.
88. I always bring a camera with me where ever I go. Rarely do I forget it. On the rare occasion that I do, I have my back up phone camera:) I see everything in life as a photo opportunity.
89. Was the year I was born. Yup, I’m an eighties kid.
90. I can write with both hands and I can write backwards really well:]
If I can crack both my wrists in the morning then I know it’s going to be a good day.
92. I have a habit of collecting weird things that would seem to have no particular meaning to anyone else. For example I’ve had a torn piece of red rubber from a rollercoaster ride that Montana tore off in fear, inside my pocket of my oldest pair of jeans for years. I’ve never taken it out of my pocket.
93. My favourite pair of footwear is my bright blue fluffy pair of booties for inside wear. I always wear them outside though, which I shouldn’t cause ‘FatFace’ don’t make them any more and I would DIE if my booties broke on me:( I love them, Handmade and Eco friendly:) Fluffiest booties in town.
94. I love blueberries and raspberries SO much. I mix them in with everything possible!
95. I’ve been making my own clothes/accessories/anything I can think of since I was about 13 and could use a needle without stabbing myself. I love creating my own little lovelies.
96. I’ve got an awesome DVD collection, filled with some of the best zombie and horrors (original and remake) out there, which I am still adding too. I have a DVD wish list which I am slowly ticking off..
97. I cut + dye my own hair, do my own piercings (apart from difficult cartilage or oral piercings) and even wanted to do my own tattoo. Thank god I didn’t go ahead with that one!
98. I’ve taken a year out of what society recommends I do (college) to work and save for travels and adventures.
99. I never eat Beans, Fry’s or Donuts.
100. If I had to die by suicide, I would run and jump off a tall building. I think it would feel quite amazing to do that before you die. Bit grim I know. Eh!
101. I once witnessed my friend Rodina being swung Matilda style around the playground by her hair, by my other friend Mark in Primary School. It is a memory I will never forget!

And there you have it! The 101 things about meee!
Hope it didn’t bore the life out of you.. And who knows, maybe you learned something about me you didn’t know before! xoxo


7 thoughts on “76-101 of 101 things about me

  1. Shane O'Brien says:

    Hate to break it to everyone (because I’ll most likely get in trouble for this) but she does in fact eat donuts …I saw it …with my eyes !!!

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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