I’m back from Cobh, and already have another humongous list that needs ticking off as soon as poss. Updating of blog is a top one ofcourse, just wanted to let yoy all know I haven’t forgotten (I never do!) and I shall be updating at some point tomorrow after all the busy time consuming things have been done and dusted. I have to be up real early again tomorrow, to go view a potential new residence not so far away. Bit of eurgh the effort! and also quite intrigued to have a nose around someone else’s homestead. :)

I ran into an old friend today whilst walking aimlessly around the city, it was pretty awesome to say the least!  I didn’t however, see my pink haired little friend which I really wanted too :(

Today I realised that small cups of Mocha are stronger than large cups (and obv. cheaper!) and that every photography shop are quite snarky to my questions about Polaroid paper.. I know I will have to buy online, I was only wondering if there was an alternative! The guy in Boots however was quite nice about my queries. And that Penney’s is a demonic place.. leading me to temptation, to buy potentially useful things that I wouldn’t necessarily need all the time… I still can’t get that soft Lappy case out of my head!  >_<

I also heard from Tarniebumpkins in Borneo today which brightened up my day:] I really hope the holiday in October goes to plan!

Other than these useless ramblings, everything’s going okay (considering) and I will update tomorrow with *hopefully* pictures from Mr. O’ Brien’s snazzy  iPhone.



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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