Today has been a mixture of shock and confusion.

I don’t really want to begin explaining, it will take too long. It’s not important for blog world anyway.

Today I finally cancelled my MySpace account. I hadn’t actually signed in since 2008.. I salvaged a few old pictures before hand, some are funny cause I was about 16 or so when taking them..  The first picture was a drunken occasion, the second was my dead picture hobby as you could call it.. and the last was them days when I had long black hair and did that pose..

One Night Only Sylviepop 2010 CopyrightI really love taking dead pictures. Haven’t done so in a while…Sylviepop 2010 Copyright

I’ve changed alot huh?! The first picture is (I think) my natural hair colour. Haven’t seen that in a while!

Thoughts today are… I miss Shaunargh, it’s been proper ages since we hung out for longer than an hour.
I can’t really concentrate on things at the moment until I know the plan of action with Mum.
I have a new hair colour to go SOON! but I need help with that aaand I’m thinking will I make a Tumblr, dedicated to pictures and stuff? I don’t know.. Will I? Is their any point?
I want to finish my new tutorial blog but I also can’t face it right now.

I would love to have Nikki Graham as my friend. It would be freaking awesome, she’s so funny. I don’t care what anyone says, Nikki has always rocked.

Really loving Nirvana and Hole at the moment.
Sorry for pointless posting. xoxo.

R.I.P Summer 2010. God know’s it had to be one of us.. :)


4 thoughts on “Today has been a mixture of shock and confusion.

  1. Sylvie says:

    Heheh I love doing dead pics, havent done um in years tho!I still have all my old ones 2 I did put them up on FB but people were getting freaked haha! Thankyou! I dont really know what its like to have my natural hair colour anymore its been so long:)xoxo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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