Adventures from Fota

I hope everyone’s happy with my D.I.Y, it was really fun to make:]

Just a minute ago I received a package in the post (I LOVE GETTING MAIL!) and inside this dear little chinese package was my new beautiful light blue underwater lomo camera! I can’t wait to start using it! It’s true what mumma said, I really am getting addicted to collecting cameras..

Anyway back to topic!… As promised here’s a few snaps from our little adventure in Fota last week, Photo’s of me are taken by Mr. O’ Brien :]

We stumbled across these awesome wooden seats, they reminded me of something you could find in Bam Margera’s house!

tree hugging lead to tree climbing.. and looking somewhat like a gremlin in the trees:]

And Shane showed me the most wonderful pond!

And after our exploring and picnicing, we headed to the cinema and then to Eddie Rockets. We ate until we could eat no more! Shane gets sleepy after a big munch:]

Yes i’m not afraid to eat mahousive E.R burgers. Eddie Rockets ftw.:]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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