D.I.Y Tutorial: Handmade C-D case/jacket

Sylviepops CopyrightHello again, Here’s my D.I.Y Tutorial on how to make
and customise your own CD case + jacket!
The CD case I designed for this post was for
Florence + The Machine’s album Lungs.

What you will need:
– Card (not too thick)
– PVA Glue
– Scissors
– Clear Disc Case
– Coloured Paper (Or whatever you prefer)
– Acrylic Paint + brush + pencil
– Spare CD jacket (For sizing up)

Here’s how to create your CD sleeve:
(based on what I did)

1. Using a spare CD sleeve measure it up to the card, draw around the CD getting the shape of what will become your case. Add another square above the first half of the CD with about an inch of spare card added. (Check the video or pictures for clearer idea)  Cut this out with scissors and bend the card where the lines show to be bent:) You should have a CD shaped case, Next glue the extra inch of card down so you now have a pocket for the lyrics. Let dry.
2. Measure  up the clear Disc to the Card Case to make sure you got the measurements right:)
3. Get your desired paints and whatnot for whatever design you have in mind and paint away!  I planned to use a variety of blues greens and yellows. I ended up painting my case completely green, giving it two layers of paint. I then painted in black my design on the inside of the cover.
4. I next painted a spare page light purple and let it dry, after wards I wrote on the back of it the band’s name backwards (So I could cut it out easily knowing it would look good:) I stuck this down with PVA and let it dry. Using gold and silver paint I painted dots all over the cover.
5. Using a piece of orange-red marbled paper from a previous project I drew a cartoon of Florence and cut out her firey trademark hair. I then stuck this to the front cover adding silver and gold dots around the hair. Then to added to the glittery image I then painted bright gold eye shadow and green eyes for a ‘striking’ image (another trademark of hers)
6. After everything was dry I stuck down the clear CD holder and popped the CD in.

There you have it! A step by step guide of how to create your own CD cover/jacket/sleeve whatever it’s called!
Here’s mine:]

sylviepops copyright

Inside the CD cover

Sylviepops copyright

And here’s the video from my YouTube:


4 thoughts on “D.I.Y Tutorial: Handmade C-D case/jacket

  1. katia says:

    Hello So i found your video on youtube and i really like your cd case Im planning on making some for friends and such during the holidays If you can please give me more detail on how to make the sleeve like the whole tracing and folding part is a bit confusing If you can Thank you

  2. Sylvie says:

    Hellllooo Katia,
    Thankyou for viewing my youtube videos, this post is always a favourite for being viewed! The sleave is mainly the easiest part of making the entire CD case. I used a proper CD case to measure the size of the entire case, tracing onto card and also adding space for the pocket side where the album artwork slips in.. so the card looks like an ‘L’ shape before you fold the top half down onto the CD forming a ‘pocket’. then using PVA glue to stick the folded pocket side down! It’s quite easy really..You’ll need a plastic clear case for the CD to fit in to, which I get from taking apart old CD cases..either that or local stationary shops might sell them separately, although I wouldn’t know for sure.
    Good luck on your projects for your friendlings! Hope it goes well!
    Happy holidays:)

  3. Naila says:

    hello so i was planning to make a cd case for my english project.. and i really like ur video… i was wondering, where did you get the clear disc holder that you glued into the card or something… i have google them and i can’t find it…. so if you can tell me where i can get those i would really appreciated..!! thank you :)

    • Sylviee says:

      Hey there :]
      Glad you liked my vid! The clear disc holder was actually used from a cd case I had that didnt use anymore, marilyn mansons greatest hits album. I think you could find one if you looked for cds that have a cardstock case instead of plastic ones in charity shops or just maybe your own cd collection, most ive found that way have the clear cd holders stuck inside them. Its really hard to find them though so lots of luck! xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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