Mermaid lagoon

Sylviepops 2010 CopyrightHere’s some shots of my murky blue/green hair! It didn’t turn out like the neon blue I was before (mainly because I used Lagoon Blue instead of Neon and I didn’t use a toner but..) I’m actually happy with the way it turned out. It’s like a muddy murky blue with bright roots and hints of deep blue/brown where it mixed with the ginger colour underneath. My extensions went murky green which at first I couldn’t understand but now I love, a few weeks ago I had an obsession with green hair ever since I saw this woman in town with long green locks-it was stunning! And now I have a little green added in as well to mix it up! Apologies for silly pictures! *especially bottom left above*
Sylviepops 2010 CopyrightSo what do you all think?  I think I love it more than before when I was a brighter blue, with this colour at least it’s not too in your face.  My only worry is because it’s a lighter blue will it wash out/fade faster? I have a little more dye to keep me going anyway.. I’m not really a good person to be bothered on keeping my hair well, I tend to just leave it because I find the whole dying process boring and too long! But I do love the results in the end however.. Isn’t that the same story for most things?:)

Happy Weekend xoxo


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