Slow Motion Crawl

Just a bit of babbling before I begin, I’m sooo happy Nikki didn’t get evicted! It is really silly I’m so obsessed with this girl but I watched BB7 constantly back in 2006 and I absolutely adored Nikki from day one. She’s so funny with her outbursts and comments! I’m surprised at how much she’s grown up since BB7, but I do wish she’d have another good old tantrum:] Listen to me go on what do I sound like?!

Anyway today was slow again. I have about two metres of finger woven chunky multicoloured wool and I don’t know what to do with it. I just started doing it last night absent mindedly, not for any particular reason. But the colours are gorgeous and now I want to use it for something.. I was thinking chunky headband but I don’t really fancy that idea much. Got any good websites for inspiration? Comment me, it would be much appreciated:]

I was scrap booking a little bit today, which is great news! I’ve really come to a halt on the scrap booking recently, unable to continue on it as I’m never happy with my ideas any more. Mum said it was Artist’s block. :(  All I know is it’s really getting me down.

It’s Tiggy’s birthday this Wednesday, he’ll be seven! Doesn’t time fly? He’s having a party and inviting some friends from school round, Tiggy specifically requested for Mr. O’ Brien to attend his little party, Shane will be also helping me with face painting if all goes to plan. I also have the job of making more of my glorious Monster Cakes! I love making these things, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to any other type of baking but I seem to specialise in the weird wonder’s of these cakes:] So tomorrow myself and mumma’s plans are to get all things bought and acquired for this shindig of his.

For now, until I feel like filling you all with seemingly useless infomation, I shall be browsing Tumblr:] xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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