Sore to the bones.

I don’t really know why but today everything hurts. My ankles and Achilles heel’s are really painful, my ribs are so sore I can’t take deep enough breathes and my legs feel like they’ve been stretched or something. On top of numerous headaches all day, I hope these pains stop soon enough I feel like I’ve been proper kicked around!

I’ve been painting mermaids! I know I know, I’m a bit too obsessed with all things magical and mystical but this piece was for my scrapbook, mainly accentuating the mermaid’s green/blue long wavy hair. Can you guess why I chose blue/green hair?:) Anyway I’m also adding in a piece about the Summer on the other side of the double page. I might include photo’s to this post when I have it finished, it has been a while since I finished a page in my scrapbook- over two months I think! But until then you’ll have to wait:]

It’s so sunny and calm up here at the homestead today it’s beautiful! I’ve already filled a roll of film from my lomo camera with snaps of Ellie and some other lovelies from outside, clouds, flowers glass bottles etc. I must get the film developed next weekend and see how they came out! I must go for a little walk later. It’s been a while, and permitting my bones will let me I shall have a bit of an adventure me thinks. xoxo.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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