Holy awesome batman.

My iPod’s just fantastic. It has a way of immediately shutting down my lappy every time I connect it. :(

Yesterday I managed to go for a little walk to clear my head. Which worked. I picked the juiciest blackberries and followed a stream for a little bit, promising myself that I would continue following it today but since it’s pouring down I had to give it a miss. I found the most amazing cluster of mushrooms as well! Really reminded me of Fern Gulley or something similar.

This leaning tree always catches my attention, I was tempted to climb it but the branches seem mostly rotten or dying. Still, it’s really beautiful.

Today I cleared out my infamous ‘Drawer of everything’ and gave away some old jewellery I don’t wear any more. I cleaned my entire bedroom, which is a thing I enjoy doing as a clear room gives me a clear head and allows me to get creative:)

Alexie made me the nicest BLT samich ever, but now the insides of my mouth are all cut from the toasted bread:( Nothing a good dose of vanilla tea can’t fix! I’m watching another H.L film tonight, so excited! It’s called ‘The Sin Eater’ and looks quite brilliant. Also I have ‘Benny & Joon’ recorded for Monday night, I loooove that film so much. Johnny and Mary-Stewart are so wonderful in all their quirkyness. It’s really one of my favourite films ever.


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