Ahhh.. :]

I had a lovely week!

Mr. O’ Brien came down last Monday evening to spend a few days with me at the Homestead which was  quite lovely:) Tuesday was a mahousive binjing day with films and nibbles and cuddles, I saw for the  second time around ‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas’ and ‘Song For A Raggy Boy’, and yet again shed  many a tear at both films.. I’m such a sap for it.

On Wednesday it was my littlest brothers seventh birthday, we arranged the paddock and back garden  for an outside celebration with my cloudy tent and Tiggy’s new army coloured tent, we had balloons  and bunting and wind catchers and streamers. It was quite magical. Although I had little to no sleep  the previous night from having a movie marathon with Shane I woke early to make my monster  cookies and cakes, as well as white chocolate rice krispie buns for the feast all whilst Tigg’s was at  school. When three o’clock came around I was ready to drop! The party was really lovely, the screaming happy kids made it more magical as they ran around to the back garden shouting ‘WOAH’, ‘WOW’ and ‘AWWWESOMEE!’ upon seeing the ‘party area’. For the first time in probably a few years I played Twister with the kids (and Shane:) and actually enjoyed it.

I know he doesn't look like he's having the best of times but the little bugger wouldn't smile for me!

By 6.30 the kids were slowly going home one by one and nature was calling me to sleep. I fell asleep on Shane for ages, whilst he was stuck to listen to the idiotic ramblings of my other brother for almost an hour (or more?!) after I woke we had a mahousive munch of left-over nibbles from the party, pizza and coleslaw followed by a good old film that well and truly knocked me into the land of nod.

All in all the party for little Tig was really cool and lovely, definately one to remember! The pictures are adorable and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

My awesome cakes and nibbles

Here’s my wannabe famous ‘Monster Cakes’, Not my best compared to the beauties myself and Tarnie made a few months ago but they look sickly enough to be at a party of hyper-active kiddies don’t they? The white chocolate rice crispie buns were my favourite only because I hated the cakes-too much icing! The kids seemed to like them.. The biscuits was just a quick idea to use up the left over green and yellow icing. They were eaten up quickly as well!

And Thursday was just awesome really:) Shane left for home on Friday and I slept all day, literally all day on Friday and then got ready to get some arty-ness going on when I finally woke up. That’s why I haven’t been blogging at all this week, my sincerest apologies to all my lovely followers out there! I love you all!

Also, I watched contently the final hours of Big Brother, yes I really am that kind of person! (But I only watched UBB because the most amazing housemate was in it, Nikki!) And I was so annoyed and angry when Brian won! He’s won BB before it just didn’t seem fair, and that Nikki was only needing another 3% of votes to win, which annoyed me even further! I loved Brian don’t get me wrong but Nikki is and will always be the best housemate to me! Okay I’m going to quit rambling on about UBB now, It’s done and dusted!

I’ve been listening to the Soundtrack to the film Coraline. It’s so beautifully creepy, I can never stop listening to it. If you don’t have it, download it! That is all now my lovelies. Muchos loveos! XOXO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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