My fairly clear work-space

Sorry I have been awaaaay a lot recently. There is a perfectly good reason for this and I shall tell you! I have been a very busy bee crafting away and using my little sewing machine twenty four seven. I’m sure it’s happy i’m taking a break from it now as I blog..
I’ve been really abusing my dear little sewing machine! But it’s all for lovely good causes. My fingers are sore and my knee is even sorer (I bashed it on the sharp edge of my desk as I clammered over a bag of rubbish, needless to say I screamed out loud!) I feel a bruise coming..

I’ve been getting a head’s start on some secret Christmas (I always start early with Crimbo!) pressie projects for some special people out there:) If you look closely you might be able to see a few in the picture to the left.. I wouldn’t be that obvious though so it’s not the first thing you see:]

Aaaand I’ve been crochet-ing away like a mad man, hence why my fingers are soo sore! I made a cute little bundle of crochet flowers and some I made into broaches all with really lovely multicoloured wool, I made quite a beautiful orange flower too but just before I was too finish… I ran out of the only orange wool I had! So I will finish this when I return to Cork Art Supplies next week.

Here’s some of my new crochet flowers, they’re not very good mind you! But not bad for a begginner? I’ve also made  a lovely little blue crochet purse for myself, it was originally going to be a dinky little hat for dear Ellie-Mae but I  made it a little too small so a purse it became! I don’t have pictures as of yet but I shall upload some in a separate post  as soon as I can!:] Just know it’s adorably cute and I love it!

On Saturday I bought a few gorgeous autumn/winter needed essentials, like a new winter coat! My old black one has  fallen apart due to excessive (needed) usage from back in the Cave with Kerr and Shauna! Oh it was so cold in that  ‘House’.. Although I miss the girls and the fun we got up too sooo much:(

My winter coat is really cozy and snug, and beige! With a lovely big hood which is exactly what I most wanted on it.. I  love thrift shops! Thankyou whoever decided to give it away! It was a little too big for me and long, but I cut about 6  inches off the end of it and sewed it all up neatly. The size is bigger than I need but it will help if I have a few more  layers on underneath, which will be expected in the coming months!  Another lovely I salvaged is a looong wooly  dark green dress/jumper warm thing! I love it, goes really well with skinnies and long sleeved top’s underneath. Just  what I was looking for as well:)

And for my best thrifted finds in the last few weeks…. I came across four briiiilliant DVD’s! In perfect condition too, and weirdly enough three of the four where on my DVD wishlist! I now own ‘Land of The Dead’ another masterpiece of zombie gore from Romero! [REC], the original spanish film- the American remake is probably more commonly known, ‘Quarantine’- I refuse to watch it!
But I’m so excited I finally have REC! I also now own the 1992 ‘Batman Returns’, I watched it last night.. Still love it even though its this old! And I also own the film ‘The Ruins’, haven’t seen it yet but the brother watched it saying it was ‘sick’ and ‘twisted’. Sounds like my cuppa tea!

Sorry for all the jibber jabber, I’m a film nut! My collection of DVD’s has now reached 74 :] Not bad…

Oh and I managed to develop my Lomo photographs, they came out beautifuly! I’m so happy I went to the trouble of buying my lomo, the pictures are noticeably different to standard photographs, dreamy and watercoloured like. I’ll scan a few and show/compare them to standard prints soonish.

That seems to be a bit of everything so far in the last day or two? I have a little side project to get started on tomorrow, altering my new retro 70’s dress I bought in Bantry last weekend.. It’s pretty:)

Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow, I shall blog tomorrow night if I get time! Love XOXO.


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