So I’ve been doing a little of this..

For most of this early morning I was up I decided to make a couple of these cute flowers with my loom (Yup that’s what it looks like!) Untill I get the larger loom fixed I’m stuck using this tiny on.., but stil, they turn out quite adorable:) I also made another crochet flower- it’s soo addictive I tell you! And got to speak to my dear friendling, Kerrbear for the first time in what seemed ages!

I altered my 70’s retro dress too! Sadly I have no ‘before’ pictures, I stupidly forgot in a haste to get cracking on my beloved dress.. It was basically floor length and slightly too big for me but I took it in (still not enough but..) and also shortened it and hemmed the underneath to keep from fraying. An easy job but I enjoyed it!

The first picture is to show the length of it now, I didn’t mean for it to be blurred but I quite like how it turned out. The other two are just silly shots to show the dress and pattern a bit. Notice how faded my hair has gone? That’s after four/five washes. Lame huh?

Back to my dress! I really looovve it now, I loved it before but the length was just silly! Hopefully a certain someone will like it more now it’s not as ‘granny-ish’ as it was..:]

Ahh tomorrow will be another busy one. I’m playing mom for a bit and helping dad take Ellie to get her jabs and what not via the Doctor. Then I’m off to Cobh for a while.. So I’ll be lacking in new posts again, I’m sorry to say. I shall try to update as often as I can whilst I’m away though:)

Hope your having a lovely week so far:] xoxo


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