Coming home..

Sylvia Walsh Photography (C) 2010

Don't you just love coming home to a huge stack of mail waiting for you? This was awesome.

I’m home again! I’ve been spending the last week with my pretty amazing boyfriend, Mr.O’ Brien. It was a lovely week, although I was sick for a few days with nasty tummy pains and cramps. Bleargh! But i’m all better and as mentioned in previous post below, I am stocked up with lots of lovely tapestry wools for some new patterns on crochet! Exciting!! <3

So that’s all on my list of ‘To Do’s’ for tonight and tomorrow, I have quite a few little bits to be doing before Wednesday. Quite possibly the coolest chick is coming over to see me on Wednesday, Kerrbear! We’re going adventuring with our snazzy camera’s off the beaten track (as always!) to find us some awesome spots around the forest’s and rivers. Cannot waaait! It’s been about a month since I saw her last!:(

Kerrbear <3

I’ve spent the night catching up with Miss Kt, who’s spending her days in Budapest for the next 5ish years for college. It’s so nice to chat with old friends, and organising something potentially amazing together! <3

I know I owe you all more posts, which I will update you all on! I will get started with it tomorrow. As tonight, I must rummage through my huge package of art supplies I was sent in the mail from Tarnie’s awsome mum:] Thank you SO much Sheenie! <3


P.s, Post’s coming; my week in pictures, recent ramblings and little arty bits and bobs I’ve been getting up too. Don’t forget for regular updates on photographs I love and post you can check my Tumblr. Happy week:)


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