My week in pictures.

Last week as I mentioned before in previous post, I was spending an entire week with my boyfriend. It was lovely as always, and here’s some of my favourite parts of the week that we got up too:]

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C) Before I begin with this I must explain it a little, two weeks ago myself and Shane made a drunken bet,  that I will eat a table spoon of beans, too which I despise if he eats a table spoon of Marmite, which he  also hates. He loves beans, I love Marmite.

After a few days off putting off our drunken bet we finally  summoned the balls to actually get it over  and done with.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

Shane chickened out of a tablespoon so we  both decided as Marmite was a stronger tasting substance,  he could get away with a tea spoon. The  idea was to eat the spoonful… and not vomit. Shane has an  alarmingly good reflex for vomiting so I  knew I would win..but the beans were cold and SICK tasting!  I would describe them as a cold sack of  eggs (Yep, it’s gross- but I hate them!) Shane almost instantly  threw up after his spoonful. Hahaha I  won!

Seems silly but we always do silly things like this.. Like trying Brown Sauce in a cup of Tea. (Saw it on a film..:)

Speaking of films we saw loads as usual! On average when we’re together we watch well over ten films a week.. It’s quite bad I know but we love movies:) Also saw about 7 hours worth of Attenborough documentaries last week, the ones that were free in the newspaper? Yeah we had seen most of them before but it was still amazing:]

We also paid a trip to the cinemaaaa to see the new comedy, ‘Cyrus’. It was actually more of a rom- com.. But it was still good non the less. It was subtle comedy, and Jonah Hill is so serious and weird  some of his parts are awkwardly funny and laugh out loud.

Sylvia Walsh (C)
After seeing Cyrus we made our way down to Eddie Rockets again, and this time we both made room for some of their AWESOME desserts. I love+live for Knicker Bocker Glories. Sooo good. Although I think they have gotten smaller in the last few years, I remember them being taller when I was little. Maybe I’ve gotten taller instead?:]

This post is getting a tad too long.. I might leave a few pictures out and just ramble on instead! We made our way through Eddie’s anyway eating all the yummy icecream and fudge brownie’s and headed on home to watch the Alien Saga. Shane hadn’t seen any of the four so it was especially cool to watch, and I knew Shane would love them!

We also watched for the first time two of the best horror/zombie genre films I have ever seen. (Prepare for it to get a  bit nerdy) Montana told me about this zombie film [REC] a few years back but I never got around to watching it and  it became a necessity to find these dvds. So we finally managed to watch them and HOLY moly they were brilliant.  Totally raw and true to consistent continuity, this was a zombie film with a difference. I’ve really never seen such a  gripping and entertaining zombie film in soo long. It really is a horror film that is actually scary.

If you haven’t seen this and you love zombie flicks, watch this! It’s not the typical outburst of infection either and  you don’t really know the full story until the sequel has been seen. It definitely takes a new toll to the cause of  infection in these types of film. It’s filmed in Spanish with English subtitles, but don’t let that put you off- it brings  you closer into the film with a lot of concentration. The director is, I think, a genius and the acting is superb. The  storyline is real and gripping. Filmed in a way that’s similar to ‘Clover feild’ you really feel like your in their situation  with them. It has been out since 2007 so this probably isn’t new news to some readers but you should see this! And  watch REC before you see America’s remake, Quarantine. I highly recommend this!

We also went to the Farm one morning, Whilst Shane was helping his dad fix a fence I went off exploring in the forestry with Oscar, his dog. It was particularly nice as it was also lightly raining. I found an amazing broken tree stump, a huge huge spider web (to which I almost walked in too!) and Shane showed me a little dainty well underneath a tree:)

On the days I was poorly Shane looked after me making sure I was comfy and warm snuggled up with him:] I really do have the most amazing boyfriend ever. I miss him and his loveliness already! I managed to properly learn a new crochet pattern as well, not just making up as I go along!

Well that’s about all I want to fit in this post! It’s terribly long, but at least you’ll have lots to read. And if you do manage to read all of this, I salute you:] How was your week? xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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