A not so artyful afternoon..

Due to today’s weather being so ridiculous,  Myself and Kerr decided to give it a rain check. And we postponed our adventuring for Saturday. Hopefully by then the weather should have calmed down by then.. So instead of exploring the mountains and forests I cleaned my room and made space on my desk for some artyness.. Although I didn’t get much done. ><
I don’t have many pictures to show you unfortunately, today’s art session ended rather abruptly on the excitement of getting my new kitten Luna!
When I wasn’t spending all my time making her purr I did get some scrapbooking done, on a new page titled ”Season’s Change.” I also started my secret scrapbook project and got two pages finished! I’m rather excited about this one! As well as that I made a huuuge list of things to do, a list on the back of my door with ambitions for the year (mainly get driving) and attempted a new crochet pattern, and failed!
I’ve been doing a little doodling and drinking too much coffee.. Also been making up plan sheets for dress designs, working out measurements etc etc.. Yesterday I made a rather terrible crochet Dream Catcher, which now hangs on my ceiling above my bed. (click image to enlarge..)
 Sylv Walsh 2010 (C) Sylv Walsh 2010 (C)
Other than that I haven’t done much else..
Lately I’ve noticed I don’t like anything I make and want to instantly throw it away after I’ve made it.. Unless it’s dresses. Maybe I should knuckle down and get some of them made? I am dying to have a good session on my little sewing machine. I should do this…
I’m also in the process of removing the blue from my hair, which seem’s too take forever getting out. (for once!) I have a new colour on the way for Autumn/Hallowe’en, it won’t be as bright and in your face me thinks. I’ll guess i’ll know when I re-dye my hair! Hopefully after that I can return to some form of brown and leave my hair get better from all the bleach/dye etc.. I’m freaked it’s going to fall out thanks to my parentals telling me it will. (As if you didn’t bleach your hair and have it ever colour under the sun at one stage mom!)
This is just becoming another rambler of a blog. Oopps.

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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