Introducing… LUNA!

Hello all you lovely readers:] I thought I’d just pop in to show you all my lovely new cat!

Luna. Sylvia Walsh Photography  (C)

She’s a rescued pure Black cat, about 12 weeks old and is just the most adorable kitten! We were given her today from a lovely German artist who lives about ten minutes away, she’s a memeber of the ‘RAWR’ community, Rural Animal Welfare Resources, who work in ”reducing companion animal births and increasing human responsibility”. Her artwork is beautiful too!

Luna was rescued by her a few weeks ago, she was thrown out from a car window and had gotten stuck in the earth/mud upon impact. If it wasn’t for her helping Luna then she might not of even survived. If there’s one thing I don’t like about Irish people is that they seem to have a general dislike for cats and drowning/abandoning cats is common and almost accepted, which is appaling. The only reason there as so many discarded feral cats around is because people don’t get them neutered/steralised or sprayed by irresponsible owners.

Luna. (C) Sylvia Walsh. 2010

Luna. (C) Sylvia Walsh. 2010

Anyway, rant over! Luna has already gotten cozy in her  new home,has spent most of the afternoon napping on my  bed and is now curled up beside me slowly purring whilst  attacking an orange piece of felt.
I did vow to never own another cat because I couldn’t bear trying to replace my dear Ceef.. But I couldn’t pass this opportunity up! I’ve missed having a feline companion around.. Luna is now peering from over the laptop screen eyeing up my fingers as I type… :]

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