Projects + Ideas for Fall.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)*Above pictures have been used before in previous posts* (I just never got around to taking any pictures of last nights crafts. Oops.)

I’ve been attempting new crochet patterns and making crochet Dream Catcher’s! As well as organising my projects for fall. I have a lot of little itty bitty projects and a few big projects to be getting started on. Excited! I hope it all goes to plan.. Here’s what I’ve got on my list..

  • Have at least two new crochet patterns accomplished with lots of pretty results.
  • Try my hand at little log buttons for some mini scrapbooks. ( like here)
  • Finish my Plush Owl Pillow.
  • Make my own version of Elsie’s cute Autumn Garland. (here)
  • Keep up with my scrap-booking, and get started with my new scrapbook idea. ^^
  • Finish up my Christmas pressie’s for my friendlings.
  • Make some new hair accessories and broaches.
  • Make two-three Autumn/vintage inspired dresses.
  • Stick to my two month pledge to alter/make all my clothes instead of buying new. Exceptions are allowed though!

And no doubt I shall think of some other projects as the nights go on!

I’m off to get ready for some adventuring/exploring of my surroundings with Kerr. (I’m surrounded by mountains and forests, this will be fun:) xoxo.


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