Pretty pretty.

Sylviepops 2010 (C)

I’ve been sorting out my music today.

Mainly just swapping plastic CD cases for colourful hand made paper cases. As a bunch I think they look quite striking together.

Sylviepops 2010 (C)

I used different coloured card, black + pink sugar paper,scissors,selotape and a bit of light hearted fun:)

I made the cases really simple, using folded over card to hold the CD then folding the flap down, cutting out a centre circle (to see the CD inside) and taping the sides shut. After a while of doing the same design I began cutting out different shapes in the centre, like hearts and stars. Just to change it up abit. With some other cases I used the waste cut off card to make multi-coloured cases, just for a bit of variety.

Sylviepops 2010 (C) My music collection looks quite small in these pictures. I still have a few more CD’s to get through making cases for them, but mainly my music is saved on my laptop,taking up precious space. Oh dear. I like how it brightens up my shelves a whole lot more, and it’s more earth friendly than keeping a load of plastic. :)

Sylviepops 2010 (C)

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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