Book worm.

Sylviepop 2010 (C) This is just a bit of a follow on from the post below, just in a separate post all on it’s own.:)

Well as you can gather, these are my favourite books. The first book underneath my cuppa tea is ‘The Blue Day Book’. It’s  awesome for photographs of animals that make you smile and funny quotes to match the personality of the picture. It’s a  good book to cheer you up.

Another favourite of mine, Alice Seabold. Many will know about her book-turned-film ‘The Lovely Bones’. I have not, and  will not see this film because i’m a strong believer that the book is always better than the film. I have a few exceptions  however. I have all of her books currently. I just love her style of writing, her eerie plots in Almost Moon and her honesty  in Lucky.

Firmin was a pleasure to read! It’s a story of a rat living in a second hand bookshop, seeing the world from his perspective.  It’s sweet and quirky.

Some immediate favourites of mine are the H.L biography. Anything about that man I LOVE! ‘Daisy Chain War’ was given  to me by Montana back in 02′, I found Stef Penney’s ‘The Tenderness of Wolves’ in a puddle walking home rather drunk  with Montana  about two years ago. ‘The Lying Tongue’ is a fantastic book. Really truely love it. It’s such a cryptic chiller  with a twist, with beautiful settings and lovely descriptions of Venice. I really want my mom to read this!

The ‘Didakoi’ by Rumer Gooden is a childhood favourite about a gypsy child called Kitty. It’s such an old book but I look after it!

‘Let The Right One In’ is my most recent favourite. It’s written originally in Swedish by John Ajvide Lindqvist, but has had a few of his books translated into English. The original title is ‘Let Me In’. I had heard of the film (Swedish with English Subtitles) before the book but read the book first. I’m soooo glad I did this! The book is amazing. A very original concept of vampire, but evil and cruel like vampire are supposed to be.
The film (apart from one or two important things) was kept very true to the book.. and unfortunately America have already remade this into their own version. Which I will not be seeing. Anyway,that seems enough ramblings for one night:) xoxo


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