Foraging in the garden.

Sylviepops 2010 (C)My mum took this picture above! I really like it, all credit goes to her for this one:)

I spent the afternoon in the garden today.. which seemed to be the first time in maybe a year or more? I don’t generally like gardening, I never really got that into it or put the time into it and because of that, I never enjoyed it. Until today! I agreed to get out into the garden and help mum cause I didn’t have anything else to do.
I started pulling weeds (unsuccessfully I might add!) and went on to snipping brambles and clearing away the flower bed that runs along our front part of the back garden. It’s been invaded by long grass and brambles for a while and is all over-grown/can’t see the border to it. So I gave it a shot, and once I got started it was like I couldn’t stop! I kept going even when it was lashing rain (thanks to my cozy winter coat keeping me warm+dry) and I loved it.

In under three hours I had cleared the little flower bed and re-planted the ones I had removed whilst turning over the soil. I went through a pair of gardening gloves by accident,got stung by stingers,cut the tips of my fingers and my finger nails are killing from having such huge amounts of dirt stuck underneath them but it was all worth it. I had fun and actually enjoyed doing it!
Getting dirty wasn’t too much of a problem either. Oh and  I have my own wellies now too:) xoxo


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