Happy October 1st!

Sylviepop 2010 (C)I’m so excited! I can’t believe its October first already.. The year has flown.. I have put together a little list of all things I love about Autumn and Haloween:] Enjoy!

Autumn to me is..

When it gets really windy and you need an extra cardigan or wooly jumper and a big thick coat.
Hats and big wooly scarfs and gloves.
Lipbalm all the time. Lots and lots.
When the leaves crinkle under your feet and get blown in the air easilly.
The crisp cold air around your face.
The dark mornings and darker evenings.
Needing an extra pair of socks in the morning.
Long hair to keep your ears and neck warm.
Getting your spook on and waiting for Halloween.
Deciding in September what you will dress up as for Halloween.
The non stop party shop with the special halloween section.
Theatrical fake blood and separate glue in fangs.
Montana by my side ready to trick or treat.
Watching the season change colour.
Seeing all the houses get decorated slowly ready for Halloween.
Bare foot Andy’s amazingly decorated home with the pig slime and bowls of flour.
Each day getting colder than the last.
Organising halloween parties and sleepovers.
being with the ones that count on the night.
SWEETS! Candy corn’s and jellies.
Carving pumpkins.
Fancy dress parties with brilliant costumes.
Black cats.
The film Hocus Pocas, Nightmare before Christmas, Beetle juice,
Ghosts and Ghoulies.
Little kids getting excited the nearer Halloween comes.
Hot chocolate and pumpkin pie.

So there’s the list of some of my most favourite things about Autumn and the Hallowe’en season. Hope you all liked it:) What are your favourite things about Halloween?xoxo


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