One of my prized possessions..

Sylviepops 2010 (C)I want to show everyone something… This is the comic book ‘The Crow’ by James O’Barr. I was given it about ten or so years  ago by someone important in my life and have looked after and cherished it ever since I was given it.

As far as I know, most people have seen the unforgettable film ‘The Crow’ with actor Brandon Lee who famously  died whilst making the film. And everyone also, seems to be just about as in love with it as I am. The Crow has  been a huge part of my life. (I’m trying not to sound ’emo’ or like everybody else!)

Myself and my brother Alex really did grow up watching this film and it became part of our lives, all way before  the obsession grew towards the goth/emo generation.. I was maybe as young as 9 when I first saw it,maybe even earlier!
The  person who introduced us to this  film/cult was a  huge significant part of our lives, and my mums. We all adored The Crow. I remember dressing up as Brandon Lee nearly every hallowe’en along with Alex,who would go as a skeleton. Anyway besides that, The Crow has had a huge impact on my life, mainly because of what was going on in our lives at the time when we were introduced to the film.

It saddens me that it’s almost becoming a cliché in goth/emo genres the last few years. It really was my whole childhood. My ankle tattoo is five black crows, representing my family. Anyway I wanted to show you some of my favourite pages and let you see some of O’Barr’s beautiful work, taken mostly in black+white for a more proffessional look. The comic is in black+white mainly anyway. Except for a few parts.

Sylviepops 2010 (C) Sylviepops 2010 (C)

All images subject to copyright J. O’ Barr 1993 (C)


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