Accident prone. (never a dull moment!)

Sylviepops 2010 (C)

Eurgh what am I like. Last night as I hastilly clammered into bed for a well deserved kip I managed to splice my baby toe off a shard of glass a little smaller than a inch maybe.. It was dark and my wood floor seems to harvest these little buggers everywhere (for the last few days ive been cutting my fingers from alex’s accident the other morning too..) So it being dark made me think maybe it was a splinter. You know, wood = splinters. It works out. So when I started too feel pumping from my foot and my toes getting damp I though maybe I should have a proper looksie…

It was a tiny cut but it must have been deep. It didn’t stop bleeding for 10 or so minutes, which felt  like a lifetime when all you want to do is sleep (at 2 in the morning ..) I had to take pictures, I haven’t  bled so much in ages. (And it being Hallowe’en season an’ all..) Well I’ve always been quite gore/morbid  minded:)

Sylviepop 2010 (C)
More posts coming later tonight! I have some adorable pictures of me+my little sister Ellie to show you all as well:) xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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