Today was a lovely day in the garden.

Although I didn’t get much weeding done, which was planned I did manage to help out mum with some awkward and nasty jobs that had been piling up in the driveway. It’s all cleared away and everything looks a lot neater+nicer. I found a few little buglins today, mainly just a couple of snails. But one did stand out the most. It had the loveliest yellow + brown spirals to it. I named him Sheldon.:] And Alex found me a cute little cricket, which allowed him to hold him in his palm for a while. I was hoping to find some more frogs, as many live at the bottom of my garden, but didn’t. I guess it was because it was so sunny today.

Sylviepops (C) 2010

I love bugs and creepy crawlies. Even spiders. But Snails just fill my heart up!
I’m not kidding when I say this, Me and Shane always look out for snails when it’s dark+wet. Just so we don’t step on them. I can’t remember the last time I did step on one…  It’s years since. I’m that careful:)

Tonight I plan to do some painting and a couple separate pieces of some ideas and pictures I’ve had my eye on. I want to also continue some of my portfolio and just generally improve it + get some new pieces in there. I haven’t been doing much arty related things since I’ve got this new found love for the garden. I still have my Autumn list in mind however, and I have started on a checkered yellow dress. Whether I should finish it or not is another thing!
Do any of you have any good ideas for things I could make? Lemme know on my Formspring! The link is also to the left of my main page:]



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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