Ten Things I Love Sunday!

It’s been forever since I posted a ten things..
So here’s a bit of a different ten things. I’m posting SIX lovelies that got my attention this week and then FOUR  more of some bits in the near future than I can’t wait for! Hope you like:]

1. My latest hair colour, Purple! I love it and needed a permanent colour to give my hair a break! What better a colour than Purple? I think it’s very suitable for the current holiday season:)
Getting back into Photography. My trusty SLR Camera, Carl has been on the brink for  a while. Setting’s were suddenly unuseable and I couldn’t focus properly. My zoom was off and if I tilted it all the setting would slide across the screen. I seriously though it was just getting too old to be used every day. Untill Kerr helped me with it, showed me how to fix it all and now it’s like brand new! Everythings back to perfect working order, and I’m thrilled!
3. Getting into Gardening. It’s very calming and therapeutic. And gives me a lot of good thinking time!
4. Having a proper chance to read my latest book, ‘The Woods’. It’s a creepy story of murder and other unsolved crimes. Parts are reminiscent of the blair witch stories. But it’s a real good read! I’ve been able to really get into it thanks to a terrible two weeks kip. It’s not insomnia but it is annoying. I wish I could sleep peacefully!
5. Having homemade smoothies every morning for brekkie. It’s deeeelicious and I make different ones each day:) So refreshing!
6. Spending lots of time with my family. Things are really coming along in the garden this week. I’ve noticed how everyone’s in better moods with each other and we’re getting along brilliantly,working as a team. It’s lovely seeing us all outside having a laugh. ♥

7. The Return of HOUSE episodes tonight! Thank god for Sky plus! I’m recording it now to watch tomorrow whilst everyones away at school..:)
8. HALLOWEEN! Coming up in a few weeks. I’m so excited, love halloween! I wish it would last for longer than a night though!:( I have a few things planned, like Cork Zombie Walk in aid of Cancer Society and then a fancy dress with Shane:) Must think of some sort of costume!
9. SAW 7! It’s coming sooo soooooon! I’m such a devoted fan to these films. I can’t wait to see it with Shane:)
10. Getting to spend some time with Shane. It’s two weeks tomorrow since I was with him. It feels like a lifetime to us.. Dam college getting in the way! But if all goes to plan I should be spending some quality time with him maybe this week:] Would be so good! ♥

How was your week? xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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