Tomorrow i’m going to Cork to spend the week with Shane! I’m still sick but i’m not letting this stop me, it’s been too long since we last spent some time together! This week will be amazing:]

I didn’t get around to finishing my painting (grr!) or making my crochet broaches, but I’ll have time to do that at Shane’s this week. I altered my pilgrim dress to the length I wanted it and also managed to watch Saw 3. (I forgot how good that one is!) I also had a good rummage through mums old clothes too and managed to salvage a couple of awesome tops that were on the pile to be chucked. I’ve been thinking+googling most of this evening for some good costumes for myself and Shane to go as on Halloween.. I have a few goodies in mind but the main ‘couple’ ideas Google are giving me aren’t half as gory as halloween costumes should be! Any ideas?

As for tonight I have to pack for my week in Cobh. I’m bringing Lappy so hopefully I should be able to blog a lot more when I’m at Shane’s:] xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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