It’s abit messy+crowded but here’s an update of last week:]

Sylviepops 2010 (C) We hadn’t seen each other in two weeks and one day. It’s a long time when they’re all you can think  about.

So I got about an hour with him until he had to return to the land of college for a few more hours.  Which was fine, I wanted a good rummage in the charity shops and also Shauna was coming into town  so we would meet up.

Remembering it was our friends (Toms) birthday we had to spend time with  him, it had been like,  forever. We had quite a nice afternoon! I managed to include a little bit of  thrifting in the  meet up  with Tom and Connor, found a beautiful (And very strange) dress for as little as €4! [Il post about that  later..]

Shane snuck out of college early so we  went for birthday pints (I had wine) in the  Bróg and then ventured to the Church grounds for birthday smokes. .. The afternoon was lovely. All of us (cept one minor fault, Kerr wasn’t present) around like old times. Connor was still as funny as ever, and Tom is getting more and more like Jim Carrey every time we meet up with him. Here’s a few pics:]

Sylviepops 2010 (C)
Shane & I, I can’t remember what Shane was saying to me when Shauna took this picture.. But I like it.:] ♥
Sylviepops 2010 (C)
Tom, Or should I say Jim? the Birthday Boy, with his birthday smoke. Look how happy he is! It’s weird how much he resembles Jim Carrey..

Sylviepop 2010 (C)
Being toadally anti-social+listening to awesome soundtracks.
Sylviepops 2010 (C)
Tom was so funny in the Bróg, talking about whatever popped into his mind. He doesn’t normally drink you see… Sylviepops 2010 (C)
I liked how this picture is.. The different varieties and such. ♥

Back to writing now.. So after Toms birthday shindig and after everyone went home, we made our way back to Cobh and cuddled up for what could have been hours. We were both so tired from all the days walking, and shenanigans of being drunk etc, plus myself carrying around a bag full of clothes for the week and various electrical appliances (The heaviest being my dear Lappy..) that we both fell into a deep sleep curled up together in the comfiest bed in the universe. ♥

We watched some pretty awesome films Wednesday night, ”Bad Leutenant” and ”Shrink”. Both worth watching, Shrink especially. We had a bit of a ”gay night in” with nibbles and films and blankies and all things lovely:)

Sylviepop 2010 (C) Thurrrsday we went to see Wallis Bird in Cork, It was my second time seeing her so I knew she would  be amazing. Seriously, Wallis Bird is brilliant. Her music is genius and she’s even better live. She’s the  best live act/gig I’ve ever gone to and will keep going too. Her music is so feel good+happy. It was the  best time out of the two that I have seen her, that’s for sure.

Anyway, prior to the gig Shane gave me this amazingly beautiful (and just my style) dress he had  spotted. It’s  gorgeous and I love it sooo much! (i’l show you in another post!) I wore it to the Wallis  gig, and forever more it will be known as the Wallis Bird dress, and remind us of our first Gig together:)  Next, we have Paramore  together! Ahh so exciting! ♥


Sylviepop 2010 (C) I keep going off my thought track whoops, We got to the train to find it had broken down.. So a bus  came to collect us. I got on for free and we chugged a bottle of Jack together before we arrived in the  city. When we made it to the gig we had to line up outside for a little while. Whilst waiting I bumped  into my old Secondary school art teacher, Evelyn! I should have guessed she would have been there  as she’s friends with Wallis.. It was lovely to see her again, we hugged and caught up on what’s been  going on and shortly after Evelyn got in early and we eventually got in aswell!

Sylviepop 2010 (C)


The night couldn’t of been better. It was perfect. I  don’t want to delve into too much detail because it’s personal to us, but it was really lovely. One of the best nights together.

The gig itself was brilliant, I haven’t been able to shout my lungs off in a while!:]


Sylviepop 2010 (C)

Both Shane and I loved every minute of it, Wallis was  really experimental with her music which was really  cool too. The last song she played was lovely, all the  couples in the room cuddled up and it was really sweet. The amount of love in the room was crazy!

And I managed to get a Wallis badge, which I’ve wanted for aagesss! :]

There’s still more that happened to the week but I think that’s enough for now, my knees are sore and  it’s kinda late.. 3am ish.. My week couldn’t of gone better. We had so much fun and laughed our socks  off. We always have amazing times together. I love you Shane o Brien! Always you, only you.♥

Sylviepops 2010 (C) Sylviepops 2010 (C)


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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