Dreaming? I hate it..

Without fail I dream every night, and remember it all in the morning. Recently though my best friends been in my dreams. It started off sweet+nice to be able to see her in my dreams, talk to her, hang out. Nothing unusual, stuff we would do normally in life. But I actually visit my best friend once maybe twice a year. I live in Ireland, she’s in England. It difficult but we have the strongest bond, we’ve really been tested in the hardest ways possible- having 3000miles of sea between us hasn’t stopped us from staying best buds.

But seeing her almost every night is getting really upsetting. It brings me to realise each day just how far away we are from seeing each other. And that it could be another 6months to a year or even longer before we get to spend time again together. I get so upset when I relise this. She is my closest friend, my soul mate and my sister. I don’t take a second of our time together for granted.

One thing that truely pisses me off is how people can throw the term ‘Best friend’ around like it doesn’t have much of a meaning. Or how much people take their close friends for granted, having them live just down the road to them. What I would do to be just down the road from her!

It is scary, being so far away. I constantly worry I’m never a good enough friend, or that she’ll forget about me. It’s just silly worries because I get so paranoid.

Sylvia Walsh (C)

Tarnie, you are the loveliest + coolest person I know, and have the privilege to call my best friend! I miss you always. Come see me! x


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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