Autumn Projects…

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

This is where I’ve been spending my last week crafting new lovelies.. In Mum’s and mine’s art shed! As you can see the main table in the shed is mahousive so I was able to bring loads of my supplies down from the house to work with for the days I was away when WordPress was messed up!

And yes, Luna regularly sits on my shoulder.. It’s not just a once off honestly!  She doesn’t like the fabric my coat is made from so she wouldn’t sit still.. In the end I had to put her on my lap, where she started (and wouldn’t stop) chewing the lead to my sewing machine!

My small little project I’ve been getting up too recently (besides my Christmas gifts) are these little fabric birdies.. I’ve seen variations of these around in Markets and shops like Andina and Oxfam but I’ve never really had the money to buy them for myself (for such small things there quite expensive!)
So I decided I’d give it a whirl on my sewing machine and it turned out to be quite fun and heart warming watching these little fabric birdies come together.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

I began with a stencil and sewed the insides of them leaving a space so I could fill it with polystyrene balls. ( we have tonnes of the stuff from an old bean bag we had that the dog decided to attack!) Once I had filled them and sewn off the open space I decided to use purple ribbon that Maria had kindly given me for the hanging on bit. I have three birds stuffed with polystyrene balls and one bird stuffed with Lavender, so they not only look pretty but smell pretty too. (:

So I have one garland of birdies made, that is currently hanging in my bedroom. I have three other birds waiting to be put to good use and nine other miniature birds (which is the second project) waiting to be strung up with beads and bells. I’m quite in love with making these little cuties at the moment. I started making cat heads as well but haven’t quite continued on that one thank’s to Luna stealing the stuffed cat and using it as a chew toy.

I want to make loads more of these, with different stuffed animals or shapes like hearts or cats. But I don’t want to have millions of these things just lying around. I was thinking of selling them, like getting an Etsy together or just selling them to anyone who wants them. Is this a good idea? I’d love to hear your feedback:) You can formspring me or just leave a comment below! Do let me know:) Sylviee xoxo.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Projects…

  1. moshface says:

    you should:) erm Bantry market,Kenmare market(if you could be boverd travelling that far!) Macroom??im not sure bout that tho! or you cud set up your own thing in Bal or sumfin?your moms arty too isnt she?you could do something together sell all different things:) n no problem:) x

  2. Sylvie says:

    I’d love too do that, but i’d need a while to make loads to sell! Plus, I have no means of transport unless you count public, which could be awkward with a car load of crafties! Maybe i could give the internet selling thing a go, but I don’t know are my things work money haha…xx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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