Did I tell you about my new finds?

Ahhh it’s good to be back blogging properly! I forgot to mention in the last few days that I’ve also been to Bantry Market (For the first time since I moved to Ireland) and I love love loved it. I wish I had gone before! I really hope I can go again,  there was so many amazing things I should have bought! I managed to buy some little purses that I plan to alter into something I’ve had in my mind for a while now, a beautiful Sterling Silver Poison Ring that I adore… I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect ring for a while now, I’m allergic to Silver plated jewellery so finding a lovely ring is easy, but finding it in the type of silver I can wear is difficult (unless I have about 35+ squids to spare…)

Argh ramble ramble ramble. I also bought a lovely hand painted batik wall hanging. It’s all sorts of Mauve’s and Purples and it fits nice and snuggly above my bed. (:

But my best find (apart from the Poison Ring) was this…. As some of you may know I’m abit obsessed with collecting DVDs, especially horrors. And I’ve been looking for Frankeinstein + the Bride of Frankeinstein on DVD for the last week or so, Weirdly enough a lovely old chap had The Bride for sale, and what a steal too! It’s perfect for this time of year..:)

It’s the orignal 1935 (and only?) Frankeinstein movie made. It’s in black and white and poorly acted, with brilliant music and sharp cut scenes. Just like all films were in the 30’s.. It’s a brilliant film, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had forgotten how sad of a story it was. I felt sorry for dear old Frank.. I must find the first film now!:)

*Picture taken by Tiggs*
Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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