Playtime with Tiggy

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

Tiggy loves playing around, but recently has become camera shy. This is terrible news as he’s always been my number one for taking pictures with, (although I think it’s just an act so I have to play with him so he lets me take pictures)…. On the brightside, he’s also taken a liking to photography… Using my camera on me instead of the other way round. Here’s some of his results. (bear in mind he’s seven and doesn’t really think before taking them!)

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

I love these. He manages to blur the first, get the second perfect (+ using macro) and the last is slightly out of frame and a little blurred. But all of these are quite nice, if i’m allowed to say that, it being my face an all.. :O He took loads more but I don’t want to have a whole blog posted about my face.. Cause that’s what it will look like unless people read it! He was so funny last night, totally hyper from drinking Coke and couldn’t stop farting! I love my little tigger. He’s mad as a hatter and so much fun.(: xoxo.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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