Crochet Patterns!

Sylviee (C) 2010

I’ve finally mastered a new crochet pattern that I’ve been practising all afternoon. It only took me two tries and consolling the Crochet Guide for Dummies! I’m soo happy I’m actually sticking to my Autumn crafty lists. I love crochet, I want to try Tatting next, although I need a few tool supplies before I can try this.

The pictures are really bad condition, sorry! I was so engrossed in crocheting that I didn’t stop to take pictures, so these are taken from my webcam. The first image has my crochet project that I will be able to finish tomorrow, I need to go outside and collect some stones before I can continue with it. (Guessed it yet?) And the second crochet pattern you can see- the more flowery one, was my first attempt. I’m still going to finish it if I don’t get distracted tonight.. I more than likely will! I have a few more ideas I want to get making as soon as I can.
There just isn’t enough hours in the day for all this creativeness!
Oh and in the first picture to the left you can see my new lovely Poison Ring…(: xoxo.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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