Crochet crochet crochet

Sylviepop 2010 (C)

Using a handy little crochet pattern for flowers and leaves I made this little headband eaaarrrly this morning before I popped into bed. (About 4am this little lovely was made) It’s entirely made from crochet and probably my most professional looking? It’s not my favourite however… My sunflower headband you can see in the image to the right of my main page will always be my favourite:)

Aaand I also managed to finish that crochet little side project I was doing yesterday.. The one to do with stones. Well before you see the image and think ”how pointless”, I decided it would be good practise to make this because it’s got lot’s of different stitches incorporated in the design. So it was mainly for good practise but now I like it and it’s become a pretty little paperweight or decoration on my desk. They are actually fashionable for home decor apparently… I think it’s pretty(:

Sylviepop 2010 (C)

I’ve been doing a lot of mixed things today. I finished an old project I had forgotten about (post coming about that after this!) and also did a few other bits an bobs around the house today. Not so much crafty things though except finishing other halfway done projects. I have a cute little idea in mind that I want to get doing soon as well as helping dear tiggs with his Shark costume for Halloween. (:


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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