I think too much..

I haven’t done anything arty crafty really today. I’m crocheting this thing at the moment just for practise of getting used to the different stitches (which helps) it’s turning into a small ball shape aha.. I got up waaay too early today, especially annoying seeing as last night in my attempts to go to bed early I just spent the night staring at the ceiling until it got light outside. So getting up early + rushing out the door (didn’t get a chance to even consider whether I wanted a smoothie or cereal for brekkie) put me in a strange lazy zombie mood all day from the moment I got back from ‘Croom.

I read for too many hours, rewatched Law Abidiing Citezen, downloaded some of Corey’s acoustics+covers on youtube and did a little pondering about the Zombie Walk on the 30th of October. I don’t have any liquid latex to make my face look ripped open and I can’t remember the best recipe for the theatrical blood. It seem’s I’m out of focus this year again.. I think it’s because I know I’ve got too many things to be done before Saturday and I don’t have enough time or energy. Plus I’m in a sucky mood cause it’s been nearly two weeks since I last saw Shane.. :( It’s getting harder spending time away from him, I miss him dearly.

Watched a veerrry good ghosty film early this morning, Ghost Ship. It was my first time watching this, it’s been out a while. But the name just makes me judge the film as to be crap. Montana encouraged me, saying it had the best+most original introduction these sort of films have. It was a brilliant film and such a good storyline to it, as for the introduction it was pretty cool:) That’l teach me to judge a dvd by the cover next time.

I ramble ooonnnn way to much, apoligies. Formspring me? Gwan! xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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