I’m still away.

Hellooo all,
i’m still away spending my week with Shane, it’s going too faaast which sucks but so far we’re having an awesome week – as usual!

I have my entire Hallowe’en costume ready thanks to our strict day of hallowe’en shopping on Tuesday, Shane has everything but one needity, a pair of dungaree’s which seems impossible to find in the city! We’ll find a pair somewhere before Hallween…

I can’t wait to see what we’ll look like when we have everything ready, it should look awesome cause I honestly haven’t seen any couple do this idea in a long time.

I have a beaaaauuutiiful gorgeous dress I found shopping as well, it’s really retro looking and quite 70’s. It needs a little altering cause the cleavage section is a tad bit too tight (Story of my life…) but thankfully it’s also too long so I can use that too increase the bust section! It’s such a wonderful dress I’m considering getting a professional alterer to do this job for me, as I really don’t want to wreck it if it goes wrong!

I found a new favourite shop in the city, Sweet Memento! I read about this little boutique in the paper a while back when I was making my batiks and finally came across it last Tuesday. It’s so sweet in there. I really want the chandelier they have in the window!

* I have pictures to show you but I’m on Shanes Mac and I can’t opperate it at allll! Pictures coming sooon! *



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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