These things MADE my week that little bit more awesome than usual. Some have pics some don’t..

Sylviee 2010 (C) This gorgeously tacky chandeliar from Sweet Memento, I waaant it.. Or want to make my own! Sweet Memento is one of those  lovely romantic shops full of strange and unique items you only wish you had the money for!


Being told my hair is ‘prettier in real life than in the pictures’ Thanking you Miss. Maiready!:]x


Seeing some truly brilliant horror films this past week.

This thrifted dress. It’s still unaltered, so it’s a little squishy up top and a little too long down bottom. But I still loooove it, I  can’t wait till I either get the guts to alter it myself or get it professionally done! I love the pattern and the colours are  awesome too.


Seeing+spending time with an awesome old friend who I haven’t seen in LONG times.


Ellie bellies feeding days have started. Mum feed’s her fresh home made meals and this particular one I had to feed her. It was  spaghetti Bolognaise, and the majority of it got all down her bib+face. My fault aparently, ells didn’t seem to bothered tho:)


Getting a pure breed Dutch bunny rabbit called Tim Buck Tooth (or Sir. Hops alot..) for Freeeee. See what happens when your  nice?:)

Mumma’s Carrot Cake. It’s just dangerously sitting there in the kitchen unattended and already half eaten! It’s too diiiee for:)

And this is a bit of an obvious one, but spending Hallowe’en week with Shaaane:) We had lots of giggles. Hallowe’en was fun  and the zombie walk was a scream. (ha, sorry had to do it..)

The Zombie’s at the Z.walk. Some were totally awesome and  had gone out to all lengths to look amazing!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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