I’ve actually been FINISHING things..

Sylviee 2010 (C)Apart from having quite a strange day, being woken up ridiculously early – although I was thankful for mom pulling open my eyelids+balancing mail on my face cause it meant I was up BEFORE midday (2 hours before hand actually..) and having to race down the mountain to pick little brother up from school which wasn’t planned at all, only to find a smiling Tiggy walking towards me with smiling father in tow… Smiling as in the ”laughing at your face cause its all red+puffy cause we know you raced down late to collect tig+I got a nice spin+got there before you look.”

EURGH, I power-walked for NOTHING!! Oh well, I had to post mail + go to a little meeting anyway (again unplanned) so least I was on time for that…

Aaaanyway, apart from all the weirdness of today, I finished my Birdie Garland. *The picture was too idle on it’s own so I doubled it up and made it a thin picture..whatever* It has nine bells attached and is hanging from Mustard Yellow rough feely wool. It works I think… and I might even say it’s better than my first one?

I’ve just realised this picture takes up quite a lot of screen space.. Which means I must rambleeee. I formally met the newest edition to our family yesterday, He has two names (because Tiggy cannot decide) and I have no good quality pictures apart from the pictures of him in the pet shop. He’s a Dutch Rabbit before I forget to mention what he actually is! He’s pretty calm and has a beautiful coat.
His name? Tim Buck Tooth or Sir. Hops a Lot.. Not very original but Tim Buck Tooth is quite cool. :]

I can’t seem to focus much on making new things, I think it’s cause I know I can’t get too stuck on a new project that would take longer than two hours cause I’m aware I shall be leaving again on Friday for Dublin, Myself and Shane are going to see Paramore in the 02, woooo! Haven’t listened to them since we got the tickets cause I didn’t want to overplay them, they’re meant to be class live!


I also learnt today that Tig is the grumpiest+most competitive kid when it comes to home baking. We made healthy chocolate flavoured mini Donuts whilst mum made Humus and continued finishing off the Carrot cake.. :] xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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