only temporary

Sylviee 2010 (C)

Tomorrrooow I’m heading up to Cork then to Dublin with Shane and his friends to see Paramore play in the 02! We’ve had the tickets for months now and I haven’t been listening to them for fear of them being overplayed by the time I get to see them live. They are meant to be really good live, I’m so excited!

I didn’t get around to making anything worth showing on my blog today. My creativeness has hit the floor it seems. Everything I make ends up too small or too shit or half arsed. And with all the hassle I’ve had in the last two days I really haven’t been in the right form for making things. It really sucks when you have everything you would need to make the pretty things I have my mind on but not the energy or drive to make them, and no inspiration to make new creative things. Eurgh. I hope it all comes back to me soooon.

I really want to bitch&moan on this, but noone likes to read that shit do they?


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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