It was fantastic.

I’ve done a lot of things that I hadn’t done before, this past long weekend.

© Sylvia Walsh 2010

  • I had never been to Dublin until last weekend.
  • I had never been on a train in Ireland longer than half an hour, until last weekend.
  • I had never experienced the delights of STARBUCKS until last weekend. Their Caramel Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Vanilla spice is to die for! Butler’s White Hot Chocolate is also too good to be true.
  • I had never walked over Dublin’s famous bridge or seen the spire… (It’s just a big prick to be honest!)
  • I had never been on the Tram service in Dublin, ulw. The last tram’s I was on were in Amsterdam earlier last April.
  • I had never been to the 02 or had never seen Paramore live before, ulw. This is suprising as I have been living in Ireland for eight years and have loved Paramore since they came onto the music scene.
  • I had never made a kingsize homemade bed from four mattresses in the centre of our hotel room before, ulw. I wish I took a picture of it… It was the biggest bed ever!

© Sylvia Walsh 2010 © Sylvia Walsh 2010

Lots and lots of things about that weekend were so magical. +I have never wanted Coca Cola so much in my life!

So I really did feel like a proper tourist, in a foreign city getting lost too easily. We had an awesome weekend in the City together. ♥

When we got our bearing’s over the city we spent the following day wandering the little streets and poking through the vintage clothes stores and watching street performers and a cute two man band playing really well+totally multi-tasking like you wouldn’t believe! I bought two beautiful little reminders of my time up there with Shane, one was a chunky colourful wooden bracelet and the other was a pretty little Autumn coloured dress. My collection of dresses is getting out of hand!

© Sylvia Walsh 2010 © Sylvia Walsh 2010

Weird cause when I was younger you couldn’t pay me to wear a dress-my mumma will vouch for that!:) ♥


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