Paramore more more

© Sylvia Walsh Photography 2010

If I began to explain just how good experiencing Paramore live were I’d be here all night.

So I won’t waffle on. You’ll just have to believe me when I say they were outstanding, their sound was so clear and they give so much to their fans. Hayley’s voice is CD quality and B.O.B was also really good live getting the crowd going with beautiful dancers and bass loud enough to feel you heart jump out of your chest.

© Sylvia Walsh Photography 2010

I think my favourite part was when they stopped playing on stage and brought out a big comfy sofa and played an acoustic set for a while. Oh and when the fireworks went off and confetti burst out from the ceiling. And when everyone had their lighters+phone lights out for The Only Exception. (Okay I hate that song but it was still really cool) And when they let the birthday fan come up and sing with Hayley for Misery Business. So many parts of the night were breathtaking and so exciting.

© Sylvia Walsh Photography 2010

It was just an amazing amazing show!

*Pictures are subject to Copyright. © Sylvia Walsh Photography 2010*

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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