Some small paintings and some 3D models!

Someone asked me on Formspring a few days ago,’‘What in your opinion is the coolest thing you’ve ever made?”

So I thought I would show you a few small things I’ve made in the past year. There is only a few because my camera battery was dying and taking these pictures was abit of a sudden idea!

(C) Sylvia Walsh 2010 © Sylvia Walsh 2010

The small canvas pictures were made around the beginning of Summer time. When I had lots of ideas that were easy to do quickly! Also, they were fun making a little wall of cute canvas pictures. The hippy blonde-ginger chick (who’s unfinished still) was made some time in May, I stole the canvas from college and painted over the original painting in dreamy purples and light blues when we all moved out of the cave. It’s supposed to be mee sporting a ‘Make art not war’ sign. I’m yet to finish it.

© Sylvia Walsh 2010 © Sylvia Walsh 2010

These two 3D models I made whilst in College. The have the same story really, I left them in college at the end of the year by accident along with my photography folder.. so I basically kissed goodbye to them cause I knew I’d never get them back (they’d be thrown out with the other left behinds..) so I was really bummed about it. BUT thankfully my superawesomefantastic boyfriend returned to college this year and they were still there! So now I have them back where they should be!

The mouth/eye/tongue piece was made in Sculpture from Clay and fired in a Kiln. The theme was to take on the human form in an ”outside the box” way of thinking. So I came up with this and my teacher hated it, even tried to get me to make something else less twisted. But I went along with it and in the end even he admitted it was a brilliant idea. In your face Sculpture teacher!! My little Elephant in the next picture was sculpted in wood craft. It took a few weeks and never really got finished but i’m really happy with the turnout, even though my dad refuses to believe that I actually crafted it from wood myself. Pfft. I love elephants!

So there you have it! Some small paintings and some 3D models! I don’t have alot of my own work cause I generally don’t like the things I make/paint. I’ll have a look if there’s anything worth showing to ya’ll on here. For the meantime, hope you enjoyed it:) xoxo.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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