Winter is all over you.

Today has been so so windy. Winter is definitely here these days!

I’ve been making myself a knitted/crochet’d Ipod cozy whilst watching episodes of Clark and Michael. It’s too funny!
I’m knitting the cozy from Grey yarn that Maria gave me yesterday, it’s so easy to work with:) It started off well but as usual the pattern went sideways and slightly curved. But I didn’t stop! I’ve kept going and i’m keeping my hopes high that this one will actually turn out well.. Although i’m just scared I will end up knitting my ipod into the cozy and never be able to get it out! (That will happen knowing my luck!)

Tomorrow Shaaaane is coming down to stay for the weekend! It’s been too long since he was down my way, so this weekend will be nice:] Spent indoors most likely if the weather keeps up! All snug as a bug in the warmth. Ahh! It’s our one year anniversary today, I mentioned it earlier but I will remind you again cause it’s so lovely. ♥



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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