Some of my best inventions were by mistake.

And so it seems to proove true once again, with my Ipod cozy. I’ve finished the shape of my baby blue Ipod cozy and it’s slightly too big this time for my Ipod. Mine is the old version of a classic, Version 1.2. So I don’t know do any other Ipods get slightly bigger than that (except Iphone but this wouldn’t fit it length wise..)

So I am now stuck on what to do. Will I unhook the seams and let it be one long strip for a possibility of a chunky coffee cozy? Or shall I just make it work Ipod cozy style? I never intended to keep it for myself if it was too stay as a cozy, I was going to just give it away as I’m not too fond of Baby blue as a colour.. Help?! Leave suggestions if you may, Anyone can comment, nobody needs to be a member of WordPress to leave comments. ^^


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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