Where ya been?

I’ve been with Shaaane all weekend at the homestead! It’s been most lovely, spending time together. The weather wasn’t the greatest but we have a habit of getting up as the sun’s going down.. So it didn’t really affect us! And we watched the littlest amount of films this weekend to date, which is a record for us! We saw two films and many tv episodes online+ xbox.. I can’t believe only two films!! Sadly, Mr. o’ Brien has now returned to Cobh. He left early this morning for college.. And already I am missing him+his warmth! Ahh I love him too much! ♥

It was soo good to just binj and not do anything, I did crochet a teenie bit whilst I was waiting for my level on Left for Dead but that’s it! Now THAT is an addictive game…Gunna plague Alex as soon as he’s home for a bash off it!

Aaaannyway, apologies for lack of bloooging this weekend. I’m getting back into the swing off things already, I’m halfway through a blue ipod cozy and I’ve got a little something to show everyone SOON! I’ll put it up on youtube when It’s done. ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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