Cozy and Comfy

The weather has been pouring down all day. Thank god I had no reason to leave the house! Today has been gloomy but still creative! I didn’t know what to do with my Blue Ipod cozy, I tried sliding the Pod in sideways (which worked) and crocheting an envelope shaped flap to close it but there was one problem that I didn’t notice..Where would the earphones fit? And it would be a balls to pop out the earphones each time you wanted to cover you Pod so I unhooked it all to the original picture I posted here. So now it’s just waiting to be used for another idea.

In the meantime I started my fingerless gloves project. It’s coming along fast, thanks to lots of freetime!

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

The image makes it look Blue but they are actually Grey. It’s taken on my web-cam so I’m sorry for the poor quality. As you can see it’s not taken me long to get this far already. In the middle image I’m showing how long I want them to be, I really hope I don’t run out of the wool I’m using, It’s soo soft!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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