Weirdrobe. What’s inside my wardrobe?

If you know me/have seen me you’ll know my style is a little nuts.
I wear all sorts, mostly thrifted or cheap’s and I’ve gone from plain skinny jeans + a tshirt to crazy patterned and hippy bohemian looks.

I love to buy oversized clothes and alter them to fit me,buy rare vintage inspired finds, make my own one of a kinds or just nick my mum’s old clothes:]

So here today, I will show you some of my favourites from my ”weirdrobe”.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

These three items, I have made and altered to fit my style. The first is a long dress type top I specifically designed for Montykins. (I am yet to send it too her!) I bought a plain white dress from Penneys and ty-dyed in Amazon Green to give it a jungle inspired feeling to the dress. The second Is another altered and slightly handmade. It was a dress from H&M I bought about 3 years ago, I turned it inside out and un-stitched the sides to bring it in for a better fit (That’s why its slightly awkward looking on the hanger, looks better on-look here) I then stitched a flower crochet looking patch on and ty-dyed it Purple! The third dress I salvaged from the Heart shop in Bantry, in the plus sized section. It was floor length and really big width wise. I’ve since altered it (as you can see!) but I still havent taken it in width wise, I just put a chunky belt on to take it in slightly. It goes really well with a tight fitted cardi and the satchel I used to always carry around with me!

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

These are my four favourite skirts. I have a few more but I decided to only put these ones in, as I mostly wear them and they were all made by ME!
The first was entirely handmade, all in under an hour or so, made from curtain material my mum gave me! The second is another ty-dye project of mine when I went ty-dye crazy back in the summer. Its made from using elastic and a sewing machine. It was so difficult to sew, as the material is really flimsy and can easily tear, plus stretching the elastic in order to sew it onto the was hard work! The third I made about a year and a half ago.. for a birthday party I never ended up attending! I altered a flowy floor length skirt and made it shorter, using the extra fabric I just made a few stitches here and there and the end result is this! Adding a few fabric flowers for the extra romantic feel to it:) The last one is grey and made from the underneath of a previous skirt I owned, I stitched elastic into the sides to give it the stretchyness at the waist. It’s plain but witchy looking, which is why I love it. (I’m wearing it now over jeggings!) *just a little note* I always wear my skirts over jeggings or tights..never fare legged!

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)
These four lovelies are some of my favourite Tops to go with jeans/shorts. The first was nicked from my mum, the second was given to me by Monty, the third and fourth where salvaged from the charity shops in Macroom! I love the yellow/orange top. It screams summer to me, and it is so light and airy to wear. They all look great with skinnies:)

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

On to the dresses! (My favourite part of my wardrobe!) I could only choose a few because I had already picked so many others! The first is my ‘Dublin’ hippy dress, it was bought in Dublin on the weekend we went to see Paramore(do you remember me yabbering on?) Anyway! So I haven’t worn it yet, but it’s waiting to be worn! The second is probably one of my favourite ‘comfy’ not too dressy dresses. I wear it alot, It was stolen from my mum oooges ago and its not mine! The third was an unusual find in one of the thrift shops in Cork, I remember Shauna seeing it and getting sick a little in her mouth. But me being be see’s the beautiful in the down right weird, so I tried it on (Looks better on!) and found the sides ”balloon” out a little, with the dress on the inside being tight fitted. I love this dress, especially cause of the balloon part, if my arms ever get cold I can just shove them in there or use it as a giant pocket! ^^ The final dress is a lovely patterned dress I have had for many years.. It was a christmas present I had had my eyes on in Penneys for a while, the pattern is gorgeous and its really tight fitting (all the pictures here don’t do enough justice!)

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)


More dresses + long hippy clothes! The first picture is another steal from mum, I wore this to my tea-party in the woods back in April along with my favourite cardi. That day was so fudging good I tell you! The second is my one of two only purchases from River Island, a bargain too for €5! The ”groovy bus funkadelic tour” top. I love it, I’ve overworn it so I don’t wear it half as much as I used too now! The third is my Pirate dress which was bought in Camden Market, London. It looks so mahousive in the pic! I can assure you it is not. It is quite see through so a black tank top is needed underneath it, the chunky pirate belt brings the dress in and the detail on the dress is just amazing. My favourite dress I don’t wear half enough! And lastly, my Elephant dress my mom gave me. It doesn’t fit me at all:( And because the top of the dress is crochet, I can’t alter it! I love it all the same and keep it for any inspiration I might get from it one day…

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

And now, onto the cozy and heavy wintery things! The first is my al time favourite cardigan. I LOVE THIS. I always always wear it, even if I do look like a crazy cat lady. (You can see me wearing it here ) I found it in the plus sized women section in Gorta, Macroom ooges ago, and I’m so glad I went with my crazy idea and bought it. It’s amazing! The second was another find in the same charity shop in Macroom, it’s big and wooly and dark green and LONG! I wear it with a long sleaved top and skinny jeans+boots. It’s the perfect woolly cosy garment to wear in weather like this-so warming! The third is my second favourite crazy cardi, I wore it all the time in art college. The design is mental! And lastly, another hand-me-down from Monty! It’s lovely and cosy to wear with skinnies + warm boots. It’s really long too, longer than the average tshirt so I always wear it:]

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

MORE DRESSES… The first is a top favourite of mine, It was given to me by Shane and will be known as the Wallis dress. I love this dress, it had such beautiful detail on it and fits so snug and flows so nice…ah I could go ON and ON! The second is not mine, I’m merely borrowing it from Monty, we swapped dresses last July and I have it until I see her next! I love this dress, it’s the funkiest thing I’ve seen in ages. Plus it’s SO warm and perfect with tights and converse. The third is a regular favourite, My sack dress! I always always wear this dress too (see here and here) I still remember buying it, my friend instructed me not to purchase it, claiming it was a ”sack of a dress” (hence the name) and that she wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Again I went with my instincts and bought it, from Gorta again actually! Charity shops really have the best finds. This dress is awesome because it’s plain but not boring, it fits nice and can be worn with anything. The last dress I bought in Moonshine back in May, I love the vintage look to it. I’ve worn it once but it’s been worn by others too! I love all these dresses above!:)

Sylvia Walsh 2010 (C)

And finally onto the last part of the blog, regualr tshirts:] The first was a thrifted find in a Charity shop in Norwich, England, it’s too big for me but that’s how I love my tee’s too be:) It flares out too so it’s super somfy! The second was bought again in River Island in the bargain section for €3, it’s such a delicate tshirt…and the detail on it is awesome, it really screams art student doesn’t it? I always wear this next  tshirt, the tiger shirt. So much so it has rips tears and holes in it! Its so so cozy, always wore it in art college too! And fiiinally, the last tshirt! My creepy skull+dream catcher shirt, found in Dunnes months ago I quickly snapped it up as it seemed there wasn’t too many of them! I love it, not the usual Dunnes merch you’d find is it?


Well….that is it! A little peak inside my wardrobe! This post is so long I do apologise, and it’s taken me far longer than I had expected to write up! I hope you enjoy peeking into my little world of weird and crazy styles!:) I purposely didn’t post up my jeans/jeggings/shorts because they are just normal things, nothing too special! I might do some accessories and shoes tomorrow or something, i’ll see! If you want to know where I got certain things leave a comment or ask on my formspring, most of it however is thrifted,nicked(from my mum!) or made by mee! :] XOXO.



7 thoughts on “Weirdrobe. What’s inside my wardrobe?

  1. moshface says:

    I read the whole post !! your clothes are well cool,wish i cud wear colour without lookin outa place!:) i cud imagine if i did a post on my stuff,everyfin would be black,black and more BLACK :)
    very nice tho :) x

  2. Sylvie says:

    Still black is an awesome colour, and it goes with everything Maria! Remember I used to wear goth clothes, still love them! I don’t know how it happened but I merged into the hippy/bohemian style somehow! <3

    Thanks for reading Joy, i'm so glad I stumbled across your blog it's so lovely and cosy! And the christmas post filled me with lots more ideas,thankyou!

  3. Nikki says:

    I absolutely LOVE your style!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! I am going to go and continue reading more…just wanted to say that real quick….Joy said it, but I’ll say it again, Thanks for stopping at our blog!

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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