This is only going to be a quickie, as I’m really tired and wanting desperately to sleep. But I thought a short blog would be in order as I haven’t been posting at all these last few days. Apologies, I’ve been away with Mr.O’Brien and didn’t have much time to post about.. Although my last few days has sprung up two ideas for posts! I have a few thingies to show and tell…Tomorrow. Sometime. (You know me, I always post really late…I’l try my best to post earlier though)

I’ve also been unwell. Not sick like flu sick or anything but physically unwell. I think my birth control might actually be affecting me. I’ve checked the rare symptoms (1 in a 1000 people are affected etc etc) and they match up. It’s worrying, as it’s unusual and down right fucking scary. I hope it is just a matter of my birth control needing to be changed, and that I don’t have anything more serious. I’ll know once I see the doctor.

Night all XO.


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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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