A peek.

Sylviepop 2010 ©

Here’s a peek into one of my ”on the go” sketchbooks from College last year. It’s terrible,full of doodles and unfinished ideas but some parts I actually like and am proud of. Like the Octopus above. Or my black and white pen drawing of a scene in my comic book, The Crow. It’s quite dark+creepy.Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

My sketchbook is A5, so it’s really small. I can fit it in my bag so I do try to carry it around with me always, but with carrying an slr camera, phone, ipod and purse all in a tiny satchel, my sketchbook is usually sacrificed (hence why I haven’t filled it entirely yet.) I’ve noticed recently I’ve been drawing fonts and lettering more than actual images. It’s like I can’t draw properly any more.. Or can’t get the visual to paper without wording it. :(
Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

This was drawn during the Halloween period,when I was feeling the vibes and whatnot of what Halloween is…So I drew an evil pagan cat. It’s a silly doodle but strangely I like it, even made it into an icon on my sidebar :]
Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

And finally. This. I don’t actually like it in full colour, which is why it has been duplicated and one half is grey-scale. I prefer the grey to colour. I remember painting this, I was sitting in Shauna’s seat the cave with all the lads dotted around in our teenie living room watching Underworld 3 when we were all supposed to be in Ray’s class. Heehee :]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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