Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

What a lovely sight to wake up too this morning, most of it had been melted by the scorching sun which is weird for November, both snow AND sun! I didn’t go outside as I had jobs to be doing indoors, and it being far too cold for any of that carry on:)
I have finnnallly finished my grey crochet gloves, they have the option of being long or short, I currently have them folded over at the end so they fit snuggly and warmly with my new wooly cardi. They are so obviously handmade, but that’s what I love about them.

I’m sooo looking forward to the end of this week! Myself and Mumma are doing our annual Christmas shopping spree in Cork on Thursday, we do this every year, get a hotel and shop for presents for everyone then go home the next day or so! Only this time, Shane is coming back with us on Friday and I’m spending the weekend with him! I really hope it snows so much more… we’ll see xoxo.


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