Patchwork Wonders.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©Okay so it’s only a small start, but most of the work goes into cutting the squares out properly with enough space to sew the back of it to another piece! So I have only sewn four squares so far.. I researched patchwork quilts earlier on today and even found some awesome batik quilts I absolutely adore.. I originally wanted to have a honey comb shaped quilt, but saw that it could look too ‘busy’ and cutting out all them shapes? Uh uh that wasn’t happening! I do have something in mind to do with the honeycomb/hexagonal shape so I won’t be forgetting about that anytime soon…

I’m going with dark and light colours focusing on blues, purples and turquoise. The pinky looking patch in the centre image is actually ty-dyed purple, its my silly webcam! And sorry about my hair in the pictures, I was just out of the shower! Heehee… xo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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